Contacts: School and Parish Organizations

Angel Follies: Greg Lammeier (231-8661) or Tom Stivers (624-8686)
Angels on Call: Jane Klare
Athletic Boosters: Paul Steinhaus
Business Office:  624-8960
Boy Scouts: Scott Brail
Classroom Coordinator Liaison: Jenifer Burt
Cookie Ministry: Amy Crotty
Cub Scouts: Brian Green
GA Festival: Terry Glassmeyer
Girl Scouts: Andrea Mindrum
Music Boosters: Donata Guessford and Angie Shumrick
Health Room: 624-2191
Parish Office:  231-7440
Religious Education: Becky Schen:  624-3146

Forest Hills: 231-3335
Cincinnati: 369-4680
West Clermont: 752-4020
New Richmond: 553-0266

Tuition Office: 624-3146
VIRTUS Training: Rose Ann Miller: 624-8962
Youth Ministry: Lisa Kaising:  624-3148